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Tuesday, 7. October 2008

You are no longer safe in the US!

If you are in the US, you may still be thinking that it is quite safe to live there … but what kind of a place has it become? Click on this link to watch this video which addresses this very question.

You maybe looking at the political system as being democratic – reflecting the will of the people – but how much democracy is there really left for the ordinary person? Do you not agree with the central point of this video?

Ever asked yourself how biased the main stream media really is? What are some of the major factors of their biase? It becomes very clear when you look at the Israeli-Palestinian situation and how it gets projected to the public. Just take this video as an example.

An added dimension comes into focus when you see to what extent the Israel Lobby goes to manipulate public opinion and the foreign policy of the US … this video makes this very point quite clear!

Now take a look at this video and the real reasons why you are no longer safe in the US will surface and it may provide you with a different view of the existing political reality. Are you starting to see through all the propaganda being manufactured and handed out for public consumption each and every day?

By asking more REAL, HARD and OPEN questions, posting to forums and talking to editors of news papers, etc. we can all work towards the kind of cultural and social change which may restore a greater degree of honesty and fairness which may in the end lead to peace and justice for the people of Palestine, Israel and the US.

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