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Sunday, 5. October 2008

Rationality and Reality

We have to do a bit more to free the world from mind polluting non-sense like religion in all it’s forms, intellectually debilitating consumerism on a global scale and nationalistic bigotry no matter from which country it may originate. We require cultural values at a higher level for a better future of human society than what maybe presented to us as the social norm today.

We have to speak up for better science education at all levels no matter which school system, greater support for the idea of each individual being a world citizen with the right not to be manipulated and have their mind space polluted by these three major elements: religion, consumerism and nationalism … they are all based on BIG lies and any intelligent person should be able to look right through them.

To help people grasp the debilitating elements of these mind pollutants should be a much higher priority in any progressive society today.


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