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How To Use Pingback/Trackback To Get More Links And Contents For Your Blog

Traffic is the key to any successful online business. One way to get more of it to your WordPress blog is by using Pingback and Trackback which creates more Links and Contents for your blog.

What do you do so you can start using Pingback and Trackback?

If you have a blog, you probably have two major question to think about.

1) Finding or writing quality content to post to your blog, and

2) Getting quality links to your blog

Here is a suggestion how you can get both at the same time! The idea is to use the Pingback and Trackback feature which is part of the WordPress blog.

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How To Increase The Response Rate To Your Online Advertising

It is harder these days to see a high response rate to online advertising. I hope I am not scaring you because I merely stating it as a the fact, from experience.

In the past, a simple squeeze page consisting of a headline, some tips and an opt-in form could easily get an opt-in conversion of 10% … but now, the conversion of such a squeeze page is hardly 5%!

I am quite surprised to see some professionally designed squeeze pages having the response rate I expected.

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