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Since I enjoy building Viral Tools, using Affiliate Strategies, creating Network Marketing & Applied Income Systems, I’d like to give you a few examples of some Viral Tools and show you how to use them so they work really well for you and give you optimal results.

The Viral Link Cloaker is a good place to start. I will list a few of them below just to show you how they can be used to create an even more viral result when combined in a special sequence than when used on their own.

1 – LeadsLeap

This site offers quite a list of free tools, products and services. What you’ll notice when you click the link is the ability to enter an additional link into the top frame and a demonstrates of their pop-up

2 – WebTrafficJuggernaut

By taking links through the WebTrafficJuggernaut Cloaker first and entering them both into the LeadsLeap Cloaker after, one can create a most viral combination … click the link here and in the top frame to see the results.


3 – AdsToSuccess

You can take links through one extra step and use the AdsToSuccess Viral Link Cloaker before entering the cloaked URL into the WebTrafficJuggernaut Cloaker. Puting the resulting URL into the LeadsLeap Cloaker after, gives you the option of adding an existing viral link at the top or bottom band of your new promo page creating a super viral combination … as you will see when you click the following link …


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  1. Just add some viral tools to your linking methods and you’ll be a real promo centre many will flock to for ideas and suggestions … here are a few such ideas:

    Comment by hruz — Friday, 7. November 2008 @ 10:25

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